Purplicious Slick Quick Pick Estate Sale

When: Sunday, October 13 from 2:00 – 5:00 PM

Where: 130 Culver Road, Oak Ridge, TN  37830

Category: Estate Sale

By popular demand, we are bringing our come and get it, nothing is priced, oh my gosh- what a fantastic idea kind of sale! A very nice family in Oak Ridge needs to sell their home and so the contents need to go! And once we started digging into the boxes, we were wowed by what we found…

A 1984 Toyota Tercel SR5 4×4 wagon in extremely good condition…. but I’ll get back to that in a minute…
Black memorabilia, salt and pepper collection, a groovy 1960’s hanging lamp that is hard to describe, twin beds, an extensive Goebel Friar Monks collection (enough to fill a monastery and then some), quilts, quilts, quilts, old magazines, vacuums, jam packed kitchen, Price Kensington Cottage Ware (a LOT of it), Noritake china, antique cookie cutters, tools, gadgets, yard tools, antique novelties, shelves, office, books, bedroom furniture, washer, dryer, and so much more! We will need all of you great customers to come out and help us clear as much as we can!

• 1984 Toyota Tercel SR5 4×4 wagon
• 126,077 miles, 1.6 liter engine, 4 cyl.
• 5 speed manual….which means probably not teenager friendly
• Vin #JT2AL35W7E0076117
• AM/ FM and Cassette
• Starts right up. Probably needs a tune up. Good tires.
• A/C blows but not cold… good thing Fall is coming!
• Paint is GREAT and the interior is pristine with original plaid seats!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Toyota will be sold to the highest offer. It’ll be sold at 4pm Sharp.
We will gather around the car and people can make openly verbal offers. We will only accept $100 increments. This car can’t be found on KBB or Edmunds. But if you do your research, you’ll find it is extremely popular.

NOTHING in the house is priced! That’s right! We will price it for you at that moment. Big discounts prevail and great opportunities in every room. You are welcome to make reasonable offers and if they are, indeed, reasonable, we will sell it to you! Please bring Bags or boxes or both.

After 4 pm, we will entertain offers on entire rooms. (Please bring others with you if you plan on this feature. We cannot guard anyone from coming into “your” room once purchased.)

DETAILS: We do not accept checks, but Cash, Debit and Credit cards are fine.

NUMBERS: We will no longer honor numbers handed out by anyone except by an employee of ESTATE SALE PROFESSIONALS! No exceptions. If you arrive early, you will have to stand in line until we get there!


Organizer:  Elaine Graham
(865) 385-5555


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