Estate sales are a phenom I don’t always understand, even though it is what I do for a living!

Our customers are incredibly passionate about obtaining that special piece of furniture or a nugget of days long ago.

They get there (sometimes) hours in advance to be No. 1 in line for admittance to the home we are representing. When we open the doors, there can be up to 150-200 people in search of that certain treasure, or simply to see how another person lived.

Sounds like a cool job, right?

For the most part, it is cool, rewarding and an honor to be entrusted with someone’s lifetime accumulation. It’s also hard work physically and mentally. And SO worth it. And customers will do  just about anything to “win.”

Inevitability, someone will call me at insane hours of the morning to ask if that TVs still there, or what is the discount going to be, etc… and when I say insane, I mean 6:30, 6:52 and that rare, later call of 7:23. And yes…A.M. It takes a great deal of discipline to NOT answer. I’m dying to know who’s calling at that hour!! (I should disclose that I am an early riser.) I’m very curious as to what is so darned important!!

Meanwhile, the Purple Van People keep selling along!